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VideoApr 2012

Cristina Rad: I don't get Doomsday groups

(7:15) How many times does a Doomsday date have to be postponed before people realise it ain't gonna happen? Romanian blogger Cristina Rad doesn't get how some people never learn.


VideoMay 2011

QI - What did Nostradamus get right?

So what did the father of fortune-tellers Michel Nostradamus actually get right? Not much it seems.

PictureNov 2009

It's the future, I'm afraid


VideoJan 2011

Isaac Asimov on education and some future technology like the internet

In an interview with Bill Moyers in 1988, prolific science fiction author Isaac Asimov predicted the internet and talks about his vision for learning. Such stimulating ideas highlight the need for debate on education, on a grand scale and from the ground up.


VideoFeb 2013

David Suzuki's early warning from 1970

(2:27) Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki warns of tampering with ourselves to adapt to an inhospitable environment we are creating, rather than fixing what we messed up.

AnimationSep 2017

Events that will most likely happen before 2050

(9:23) Predicting the future is not an exact discipline.

VideoNov 2006

The Revolution of the Internet

1993 prediction: Net to become 'tools of human spirit'

VideoJan 2011

Pat Robertson passes on a message from God

TV evangelist Pat Robertson passes on God's predictions for the next few years. Turmoil for the world, but prosperity for his own organisations, CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) and ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice). Great advice from the creator of everything - pay down your mortgage! OMG, God's so clever I'm quaking in my intellectual inferiority. His Freudian slip (ACLU) refers to the American Civil Liberties Union, a non-profit organisation defending civil liberties.


VideoMar 2011

Geologist predicts California quake

Geologist Jim Berkland, who predicted the World Series earthquake which shook California in 1989, is predicting that after Chile, New Zealand and Japan, California is next in line on the Pacific Ring of Fire.


VideoNov 2016

Humanity to the end