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VideoDec 2008

Gerald Celente predicts doom and gloom for Obama presidency

The days are numbered for the America as we know it.


VideoJan 2012

God reveals next president to Pat Robertson, but...

Unfortunately, God also stipulated that Pat Robertson should not spill the beans, so election campaigning continues.


PictureMar 2011

The world in 2000 as predicted in 1910

Illustrations by French artist Villemard in 1910 of how he imagined the future to be in the year 2000. A fascinating mixture of accuracy and total misses. I wonder how accurate our predictions of life in 2100 will be.


VideoJan 2011

Isaac Asimov on education and some future technology like the internet

In an interview with Bill Moyers in 1988, prolific science fiction author Isaac Asimov predicted the internet and talks about his vision for learning. Such stimulating ideas highlight the need for debate on education, on a grand scale and from the ground up.


VideoNov 2016

Humanity to the end



VideoMay 2020

The Economist | How scientists calculate climate change

(7:19) Climate activists talk a lot about "following the scienceā€ around climate change. What actually is the science, and how is it calculated?

AnimationAug 2020

NowThis | How The Simpsons predicted 2020 in 1993

(4:40) From killer bees to protests in the streets, this 1993 'Simpsons' episode predicted the 2020 pandemic with eerie accuracy.

PictureNov 2009

It's the future, I'm afraid


VideoAug 2018

James Hansen's 1988 climate predictions are coming true

(5:26) In 1988, NASA's chief atmospheric expert James Hansen testified before the US Senate, that the "greenhouse effect has been detected, and it is changing our climate now".

VideoMay 2008

Darwin predicts long-nosed moth in Madagascar

English naturalist proved correct 142 years after his prediction