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96%VideoJan 2012

What is the likelyhood that mankind will destroy itself?

(6:01) American theoretical physicist Michio Kaku sees two major trends in the world today. The first is towards a multicultural, scientific, tolerant society. The other, as evidenced by terrorism, is fundamentalist and monocultural. Whichever wins out will determine the fate of man.


95%VideoOct 2012

Michio Kaku: Can we bring dinosaurs back from the dead?

(4:18) Science is very quickly turning our wildest imaginations into reality.


94%VideoOct 2008

Eve A.D. 2000 - Thirties fashion predictions

(1:37) American fashion designers concept of what well-dressed men and women will be wearing in 2000.


94%VideoAug 2014

Testing predictions made by evolution and creationism

(8:10) How intelligent is intelligent design?


94%PictureMar 2011

The world in 2000 as predicted in 1910

Illustrations by French artist Villemard in 1910 of how he imagined the future to be in the year 2000. A fascinating mixture of accuracy and total misses. I wonder how accurate our predictions of life in 2100 will be.


93%VideoApr 2011

Home chores in 2050, according to industrial design students

It is estimated 74% of a global population of 10 billion will live in crowded urban environments by 2050. In 2008 it was about 50% of 6.7 billion. Space will be at a premium. Some ideas for future compact living from finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition.


92%VideoAug 2017

TYT - Cenk predicts Trump will resign in disgrace ... soon

(10:49) Trump's record shattering incompetence will bring him down within 18 months.


91%VideoJan 2011

Isaac Asimov on education and some future technology like the internet

In an interview with Bill Moyers in 1988, prolific science fiction author Isaac Asimov predicted the internet and talks about his vision for learning. Such stimulating ideas highlight the need for debate on education, on a grand scale and from the ground up.


90%AnimationDec 2008

Pop Waffle presents: A year in review 2008

A calendar of events


90%VideoMay 2008

Darwin predicts long-nosed moth in Madagascar

English naturalist proved correct 142 years after his prediction