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88%AnimationFeb 2014

Karl Pilkington predicts the future

(8:53) Words of wisdom about the future by Karl Pilkington.

88%VideoJun 2014

Microsoft's smart home of the future

(6:05) Designer Allie Chang presents Microsoft's vision of the future in 1999.


88%VideoJul 2014

What is the likelihood that mankind will destroy itself?

(6:02) Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku describes two major trends in the world today. Whichever wins out will determine the fate of mankind.


88%VideoJun 2015

MIT students predict robot apocalypse

(3:08) Is Terminator science fiction? Or fact within your lifetime?

88%VideoNov 2016

Humanity to the end



88%VideoMar 2017

TYT - Cenk predicts outcome of Trump's Russiagate

(6:24) We may not need to wait long to know whether Cenk is right or wrong.


88%VideoJun 2017

1979 computer store manager predicts future


88%VideoJul 2017

6 things Bill Gates accurately predicted in 1999

(2:51) Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates imagined much of the tech we use today before it existed.


88%VideoNov 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ray Kurzweil in conversation

(20:42) Inventor, author and futurist Ray Kurzweil discusses his predictions for 2029.

87%VideoAug 2011

Paul Saffo: USA will disappear in 50 years (2007)

Technology forecaster Paul Saffo predicts that there is less than 50% chance that the USA will still exist as a nation state in 2060, and that that is good news. He argues that city states like Singapore are large enough to have impact, but small enough for their population to see the collective consequences of individual action. Plenty of food for thought.