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90%VideoFeb 2012

Ian Hislop explains the downside with capital punishment

(2:37) Private Eye editor Ian Hislop argues that capital punishment doesn't work. Counter argument comes from Conservative MP for Witham, Priti Patel.


89%VideoApr 2007

Drug punishment

Father sandwich boards kid

87%VideoJul 2009

Human skin wallet, donated by murderer

Legend or fact behind triple murderer Antoine LeBlanc's hide dissection. God have mercy on his skin.

87%VideoDec 2010

The proper way to beat your wife, according to Islam

Bahraini cleric Abdullah Aal Mahmud explains the complex rules for beating your wife. At first glance, you might think that this is a meme following in the footsteps of Hitler's Downfall, after all, we are in 2010 and surfing the internet. But the translation is correct. I never realised beating your wife was so fraught with etiquette.


81%VideoJan 2008

Libertyville Abortion Demonstration

What punishment should women get if abortion was illegal?


75%VideoMar 2006

European projects

Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime

71%VideoDec 2010

Sudanese woman punished for wearing trousers

Brutal, but should be aired. Although a frequent occurrence, punishments like this are very rarely filmed. A Sudanese woman is publicly whipped for wearing trousers under her Islamic clothing. At least the policemen seem to be enjoying themselves.


63%Aug 2007

Rambo granny


62%VideoNov 2010

Disturbing video: Mormon mum disciplines her adopted son

Hot sauce and a cold shower. Jessica, a Mormon mum punishes her adopted son for pulling three cards.


55%PictureJun 2005

Getting caught doing drugs in Thailand

A warning to all