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VideoMay 2006

Borat goes hunting

On safari in Texas

VideoAug 2020

Emma Vigeland | Kenosha sheriff rants on about "warehousing" black people

(5:18) Emma Vigeland breaks discusses a disturbing video of Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth ranting to reporters about "warehousing" black people so they cannot procreate.


VideoOct 2006

Discrimi-Nav for smart drivers

World's first fully racist GPS system

VideoNov 2012

White supremacists face an overwhelming force of clowns

(1:59) Fighting racism with humour, is this the way to go?

VideoJun 2006

Police respond to car alarm

Black man sees racist activity

VideoMay 2009

No Asians advert catches attention of local TV reporter

Intrepid journalist pursues Adelaide man's bias over house sale


VideoJun 2020

NowThis | Op-Ed: Amy Cooper and the Power of White Supremacy

(4:01) Author and activist Baratunde Thurston analyses the Amy Cooper Central Park incident.

VideoApr 2008

Extras - Ricky Gervais gives a colleague the 'racism' test

Andy's colleague is worried that she might be subconsciously racist


VideoMar 2015

Nigel Farage - Race discrimination laws should be axed

(3:36) UKIP leader Nigel Farage talks to broadcaster and deputy chair of the National Equality Standard, Trevor Phillips, about race discrimination laws.


VideoOct 2009

BNP leader Nick Griffin shares platform with David Duke of the KKK

Griffin speaks to an audience of American Nationalists confirming that BNP strategy is to re-package and 'sell' BNP ideas to British voters