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VideoMay 2006

Borat goes hunting

On safari in Texas

VideoDec 2009

HP computers are racist

Black guy discovers a problem with the face tracking feature of the Hewlett Packard webcam


VideoNov 2019

Sacha Baron Cohen attacks social media giants

(24:43) Sacha Baron Cohen calls for a fundamental rethink of social media and how it spreads hate, conspiracies and lies.

VideoJun 2006

Police respond to car alarm

Black man sees racist activity

VideoDec 2006

Evil Kramer horror trailer

He's real, but not human

VideoMay 2009

No Asians advert catches attention of local TV reporter

Intrepid journalist pursues Adelaide man's bias over house sale


VideoMar 2011

Asians in the library - Music video response

Musical message for UCLA student Alexandra Wallace, that's if she can spare some time between her epiphanies


VideoOct 2006

Discrimi-Nav for smart drivers

World's first fully racist GPS system

VideoMay 2011

Louis CK is offended by 'the N word'

Why 'the N word' is more offensive than nigger


VideoOct 2008

Racist hangs Obama effigy from a tree

Ohioan man Mike Lunsford upsets his neighbours with an overt display of racism