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87%VideoMay 2012

Cambodia's bamboo railway

(7:09) Enterprising locals in Battambang, Cambodia's second city, have developed a unique railway made from recycled tank wheels, small motorcycle engines and lashings of bamboo.

87%VideoNov 2014

The Boneyard, where you can touch history

(9:26) The Boneyard in Arizona, is where Air Force planes go rest after serving mankind. But it's not a graveyard as most people imagine.

87%PictureJan 2015

Tiny homes made from recycled pallets

When a report claimed 84% of the world's refugees could be housed with a year's supply of recycled American pallets, I-Beam took on the challenge to turn this into reality.


87%VideoApr 2016

SciShow - How does recycling work?

(8:53) What happens to your stuff after you toss it into the recycling bin.

87%VideoNov 2016

BMW's recycling centre

(3:15) How BMW recycle their test, prototype and reasearch vehicles.

87%VideoMay 2017

The Circular Economy: Making environmentalism pay

(14:13) Turning waste into profit, a business model for the future.


87%VideoDec 2017

Inflating airliner's evacuation slide

(0:34) End of the year clean up at Dutch aircraft recycling company Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions.


87%VideoJan 2018

The waste we don't need, and how to get rid of it

(7:02) Single-use items aren't helping the fight against climate change but there are easy hacks to reduce and reuse.


87%VideoFeb 2018

Norway's solution to recycling plastic

(1:18) The world has a problem with plastic. This is how Norway's plastic bottle recycling scheme works.


87%VideoMay 2018

Mushrooms that eat plastic

(1:00) The future of food may involve recycling and a lot of mushrooms.