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91%VideoMar 2012

The Flip Side

(3:13) Girls will be guys. A night out with girls who act like they're guys, and the guys return the favour.


90%VideoFeb 2011

Rear View Girls in LA

(2:07) Jessie and Reanin go wandering with ass-cam attached.


90%SoundJul 2010

Mel Gibson insults ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva

Audio tape of Mel Gibson's conversation with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has gone public. Warning: the language is abusive, racist and vulgar. Following news of his rant, Gibson was quickly dropped by his talent agency. Gibson and Grigorieva have an eight-month-old daughter Lucia.


90%VideoAug 2006

Partner's revenge

Missus takes 4x4


FEATURED adidas 90%VideoOct 2008

'No Sad Big Smile' break-up service

adidas Originals Safety Collection only available at JD


90%VideoJul 2007

Frustrated video dater

On Casanova dating service: single, looking for fun-loving brunette


90%VideoMar 2012

Louis CK - The difference between boys and girls

(2:59) Boys and girls start off different, but that difference remains as they grow into men and women.

89%Oct 2003

Jack and Jill

89%Oct 2002

Men and women differ...

89%VideoFeb 2009

Desperate 911 call as chimp attacks caller's friend

Friend torn apart by jealous primate Travis, who had a weird relationship with his owner that was closer than some married couples