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VideoOct 2008

Eddie Izzard - Jesus and the Dinosaur (2 of 2)

Jesus goes down to minister to the dinosaurs. Hilarity ensues.


VideoMar 2007

Roy Zimmerman - Creation Science

Believing hypocrite tests our faith in Jesus

VideoMar 2008

BC (Biblically Correct) tour guides

Christian lunatics brainwash school kids on a museum tour, altering the facts to fit the Bible


VideoJan 2010

Why Richard Dawkins doesn't debate creationists

By agreeing to share a platform with them, he validates their status


VideoOct 2012

Rachel Maddow - Dinosaur farts and the pits of Hell

(5:17) OMG! Guess who's on the Committee of Science Space and Techonology?


VideoMay 2006

Bill Hicks on Creationism

When dinosaurs ruled: according to the Bible

VideoNov 2009

Richard Dawkins: One fact to convince a creationist to doubt

La la la, says Dawkins, you cannot argue with a mind like that. Then he delivers a knock-out punch line.


VideoNov 2009

How to Pwn a YEC - Pascal's Wager

Delving into the depths of logic with Pascal's Wager


VideoMar 2010

David Attenborough explains the evolution of the eye

How could something as complicated as the eye exist without a designer? As in a man-designed watch, the eye only works as a complete and complicated whole. But David Attenborough defends evolutionists and shows how complicated mechanisms such as the eye have evolved from the simplest of beginnings.


VideoJan 2013

Creationist senator questions how E. coli turns into a person

(1:13) This is what reasonable people are up against.