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93%VideoAug 2008

The Theory of Evolution Made Easy

(9:52) Understanding the fossil record and what it really means.


93%VideoAug 2012

Bill Nye: Don't deny evolution to your kids, because we need them

(2:32) If you don't believe in evolution, understanding the world becomes fantastically complicated, because your world view won't fit the world you observe.


93%VideoOct 2008

Eddie Izzard - Jesus and the Dinosaur (2 of 2)

Jesus goes down to minister to the dinosaurs. Hilarity ensues.


92%VideoNov 2009

Richard Dawkins: One fact to convince a creationist to doubt

La la la, says Dawkins, you cannot argue with a mind like that. Then he delivers a knock-out punch line.


92%VideoSep 2013

Do stories in the Bible prove that dragons exist?

(2:21) Creationist author Darek Isaacs argues that since dragons are mentioned in the Bible, then dragons must exist.


91%VideoJun 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Fix the adults

(4:10) Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey" host Neil deGrasse Tyson sat with National Geographic to talk about kids, the role of scientists, and the debate about teaching creationism in schools.


90%VideoNov 2011

Ray Comfort would love to hear Richard Dawkins' thorts

(0:50) Better known as 'Banana Man', creationist Ray Comfort gave Richard Dawkins a copy of his new 33 minute documentary '180' on Hitler and abortion. Comfort is waiting for the great atheist's thorts on his epic work.


90%VideoJan 2016

How do we know the age of the Earth?

(9:58) Geologist James Powell explains modern dating methods.


90%VideoJan 2010

Why Richard Dawkins doesn't debate creationists

By agreeing to share a platform with them, he validates their status


90%VideoFeb 2009

Can the Bible and Darwin both be right? (1 of 2)

Debate from The Big Questions - BBC1