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VideoApr 2009

President Obama: America is not a Christian nation

Explaining America's separation of church & state at a Turkish press conference


VideoApr 2009

Baby preacher

Will he talk any more sense when he grows up?


VideoOct 2009

Can a godless society be a 'good' society? Discuss...

American sociologist Phil Zuckerman discusses religion and secularism in Denmark

VideoNov 2009

Christian skateboarding with Colby the Computer

Skateboard for the Lord


VideoJan 2010

US military rifle scopes inscribed with Bible verses

Religious war?


VideoFeb 2010

Bible bangers rock their way to heaven

Christianity embraces the devil's music? I'm confused.


VideoApr 2010

The Beast File - Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse

From Hungry Beast: Contrary to Pope Benedict's assertion that the immorality of modern society is to blame for sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests, the church's own historical documents reveal that sexual abuse has been a problem that the Catholic Church has failed to properly deal with since its earliest days. The Church's first official document referring to the problem of sexual abusing children was in the year 60 AD. All of the documents referred to in this piece are real and have b


PictureJun 2010

Cat holic


SoundDec 2010

Amazonian tribe convert Christian Missionary

The tables turn on Christian missionary Daniel Everett, when on a mission to convert the Piraha tribe of Brazil. Excerpt from his book, Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes.


VideoAug 2011

Fox News anti-Muslim, pro-Christian reporting on Norway shooting

"No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder", says Bill O'Reilly, host of Fox News in-depth news show, The O'Reilly Factor. He goes on to claim that Anders Breivik was not a Christian because he didn't go to church or carry a Bible. More Fox News bias at: