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98%VideoMay 2011

Young girl investigates religion

(3:50) A young atheist rips into the Old Testament after questioning what she was learning at Bible studies.


97%VideoNov 2012

Christian teen journalists walk out after 'bullshit in the Bible' comments

(3:21) Nearly a dozen of high school journalists walked out of a lecture by gay activist Dan Savage at the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle, after he pointed out the hypocrisy of insisting that because it is written in the Bible, it must be right, while accepting the Bible did get some things wrong, notably slavery.


94%VideoJun 2012

The Atheist Experience explain the most basic of science

(4:31) Sometimes there's just no getting through. Matt Dillahunty and Jen Peeples of The Atheist Experience take a call from Chris in Austin, Texas, who has trouble in understanding how science works.


94%VideoApr 2013

6th grader asks a question about Noah's Ark

(6:14) There are many reasons why Noah's Ark is a myth, but these two questions posed by students at a school in Beaverton, Oregon, are priceless.


94%VideoNov 2013

Matt Dillahunty: Bible is a cavalcade of immorality

(11:31) Matt Dillahunty delivers a scathing attack on morality in the Bible after William from California called and asked: "Do blacks and whites come from the same ape?"


94%VideoMar 2014

Bill Nye sinks Noah's Ark

(4:39) Science Guy Bill Nye sinks the Bible's boat with logic and evidence.


94%VideoJun 2011

Gay in Uganda, a Christian nation

(12:46) Shocking attitude towards gays perpetuated by the Bible. Scott Mills checks out homophobia in Uganda, and it doesn't get much stronger than this.


93%VideoFeb 2010

Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry on The Ten Commandments

Ann Widdecombe catches up with two staunch atheists Hitchens and Fry, to find out what they think of The Ten Commandments


93%PictureApr 2013

The world's gone barking mad

Can you write a better caption?


92%VideoMar 2008

Best Bar Mitzvah speech

Brave coming-of-age ceremony speech, questions some biblical stories and the entire god thing