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VideoJan 2013

Journalist goes native

(0:33) Committed reporter strips on the job while filming a BBC documentary.


VideoJun 2010

Hitler sings The Jeffersons theme song

Spirited performance of 'Moving On Up', not by Ja'net Dubois as you might expect, but by Adolf Hitler


VideoJan 2014

The Newbeats - Bread and Butter (1964)

(1:56) The Newbeats were a popular American vocal trio, best known for their 1964 hit "Bread and Butter".


VideoJun 2010

The Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather (1943)

Fred Astaire once called this performance 'the greatest dance number ever filmed'. The Nicholas Brothers were an African-American team of dancing brothers, Fayard (19142006) and Harold Nicholas (19212000). With their highly acrobatic technique ('flash dancing'), high level of artistry and daring innovations, they were considered by many the greatest tap dancers of their day.


VideoOct 2010

Eero Ettala 2009 season highlights

Highlights from Eero Ettala's freestyle snowboarding for the filming of his own documentary, Tracking Eero.


VideoMar 2014

Will Rogers in 'The Ropin' Fool'

(3:09) Excerpts from Will Rogers' "The Ropin' Fool," a 1922 silent movie that showcased his trick roping abilities.


VideoJun 2016

Cat engrossed in horror movie



VideoJun 2010

Triumph of the Herbivores

From BBC's 'Life of Mammals', stunning footage of hebivores in action narrated by David Attenborough. Maybe the time is ripe to turn to vegetarianism.


VideoAug 2011

Inception (2010) - Rotating corridor fight sequence

(10:19) Not CGI. Director Christopher Nolan and his team explain how they created a real rotating hotel corridor! You can see the fight sequence here:


VideoMar 2010

Eduard Khil, Trololo Man

Live version of the Trololo song, from the video snippet that ignited the internet, that you can also see here on BoreMe.