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VideoOct 2006

Difference between men and women

Sheik Jassem Al-Mutawah's bewildering explanation


VideoMar 2016

10 lies you were told about Islam

(7:19) Do Muslims hate the West? Are women oppressed by Islam? What's the truth?


PictureJan 2010

Questions of religions posed to Google

Search giants suggest both serious and humourous questions, until it comes to Islam... Go to Google and try it for yourself.


VideoApr 2012

Pat Condell - Tell the truth about Islam

(7:07) Religion is the problem, not the culture.


VideoMay 2010

Thunderf00t - South Park's giant bear offends Muslim extremists

Mankind has moved forward, out of the Age of Religion, into the Age of Reason, reasons Thunderf00t


VideoAug 2006

Discussion of Koranic Healing

Possessed man in studio debate

VideoDec 2006

Jerry Klein exposes anti-Muslim bigots

WMAL talk show host spoofs listeners

VideoJan 2011

Perfect virgins in Paradise

Interview with Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid, which aired on Al-Majd TV in 2009, describing the qualities of virgins in Paradise. Can anyone confirm this translation is accurate? Paradise sounds like a man's fantasy. Better to jerk off in the real world than miss out altogether.


VideoMay 2010

Four Lions (2010) - Trailer

Chris Morris' highly anticipated feature follows four young radicalised British Muslim men a thrillingly fictional story.


VideoSep 2012

A word to rioting Muslims, by Pat Condell

(5:18) Pat Condell doesn't mince his words: "We don't care if you're offended, and we never will. Get used to it."