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96%VideoMay 2013

Egyptian TV host vs Muslim cleric

(3:14) April 17, 2013: Egyptian TV host Riham Said (Al-Nahar TV) clashed with her guest Muslim cleric Yousuf Badri even before the interview started. And then the hijab came off.


93%VideoSep 2009

Burka Blue

(3:52) Afghanistan's 1st girl group perform on German television.


88%VideoSep 2013

Hijab, niqab or plain nothing?

(10:24) Three Muslim women discuss why they do or don't cover their faces.


88%VideoJun 2015

Douglas Murray vs. the right for British women to cover their faces

(7:18) British journalist and author Douglas Murray debates if British women should wear the niqab.


87%VideoApr 2011

Question Time (2009) - Burqa ban debate

From today (11/4/11), the Burqa ban comes into force in public spaces in France. Under the law, a woman wearing a burqa (a garment that covers the body from head to toe) or a niqab (a veil that covers the face with just a slit for the eyes) can be fined 150 euros, or take classes on citizenship. Forcing a woman to wear a burqa or niqab is punishable by a year in prison and a 30,000 euro fine. Forcing a minor doubles that penalty - two years in prison and 60,000 euro fine.


87%VideoDec 2016

Calm burqa debate on Fox News

(5:30) German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a burqa ban where legally possible.

85%VideoNov 2009

Barbie in a Burka

World famous doll sparks outrage


85%PictureDec 2009

Iranian men wear headscarves in Internet protest

Hundreds of pictures of men in women's clothing have been posted online by Iranian opposition supporters in mockery of what they say is a crude attempt by the authorities to humiliate and discredit a reformist student leader by photographing him in a head scarf and chador. The student, Majid Tavakoli (pictured here), was arrested after he gave a speech urging fellow students at Amir Kabir university to reject 'tyranny'. December 2009.


85%PictureJan 2011

Barbie and Burka


84%PictureJan 2010

Marilyn, nice legs shame about the face