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VideoSep 2005

News report

Drug baron's evil wares destroyed

VideoMar 2006

Reporter snowballed

Truant kid gang attack newsman

VideoJan 2006

Horse race incident

Reporter in for a shock

VideoSep 2004

Crash report

VideoSep 2005

Proposal to jack off

Newsreader's freudian slip

VideoOct 2005

Making noise

News reporter gets a beating

VideoAug 2020

Emma Vigeland | Kenosha sheriff rants on about "warehousing" black people

(5:18) Emma Vigeland breaks discusses a disturbing video of Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth ranting to reporters about "warehousing" black people so they cannot procreate.


VideoJun 2008

Reporter gets a bug in his mouth

City journalist gets a taste of the country


VideoJan 2010

Newswipe with Charlie Brooker - News reporting made easy

A parody of a typical news report


VideoMay 2009

No Asians advert catches attention of local TV reporter

Intrepid journalist pursues Adelaide man's bias over house sale