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VideoApr 2020

George Monbiot on the true heroes of our age

(2:26) George Monbiot plays tribute to the re NHS, the remarkable people who saved his life.

VideoApr 2020

Emma Vigeland | Dumb Trump fans gather to protest stay-at-home order

(4:57) Morons! The patriotic thing to do is to stay at home so that more Americans don't die.


VideoSep 2005

News report

Drug baron's evil wares destroyed

VideoSep 2004

Crash report

VideoMar 2006

Reporter snowballed

Truant kid gang attack newsman

VideoJan 2010

Newswipe with Charlie Brooker - News reporting made easy

A parody of a typical news report


VideoSep 2005

Proposal to jack off

Newsreader's freudian slip

VideoJan 2006

Horse race incident

Reporter in for a shock

VideoApr 2020

George Monbiot | The worst possible people in charge at the worst possible time

(6:45) Coronavirus should be a warning that our current system is not fit for purpose.

VideoJun 2008

Reporter gets a bug in his mouth

City journalist gets a taste of the country