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98%VideoNov 2012

Divers rescue a whale shark

(1:49) During the first dive of the morning, we came upon a mature whale shark in some amount of distress.


98%VideoMar 2014

Dolphin asks human for help

(3:14) Bottlenose dolphin seeks help from some divers after getting tangled in fishing line.


97%VideoOct 2012

Helicopter fishing for smaller fish

(4:53) Fishing out a P-51 Mustang model plane with a somewhat larger toy, a Robinson R-22 twin seat helicopter.


97%VideoSep 2015

How to save 50,000 bees

(4:23) When 50,000 bees moved in, it was time for Larry Chen to call a guy on Craigslist.

96%VideoJan 2012

Strange things can happen when you're fishing

(5:22) A kayaker, minding his own business fishing, came across an injured dog swimming towards him. The full story is very sad...


96%VideoOct 2012

Rescuing a baby elephant from a well

(5:32) From YT: "We rescued this young eight months old calf early this week..."


96%VideoJul 2013

Man gives up his pastry for a mole

(2:05) A man trades his pastry to save a little mole's life after a crow started badgering it as it tried to cross a road.


96%VideoOct 2014

Fishermen rescue an eagle with water-logged wings



96%AnimationMar 2018


(3:20) Especially moving true story of an abandoned greyhound who became a healer.

96%VideoJul 2012

Bear rescue mission

(1:10) In a swift and well-planned move, Ruidoso NM residents come to the rescue of a bear family.