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93%VideoSep 2017

The man who saved the world, literally



93%VideoNov 2013

Moscow Metro, the world's biggest nuclear bunker

(2:36) 'Bunker 42' nuclear bunker museum in Moscow was operational just a few decades ago many feared total annihilation, with the Soviet and American atomic superpowers hovering over the red button.

88%VideoAug 2009

Why use dynamite when you can use an atomic bomb!?

From video archivist CineGraphic, this USSR propaganda footage documents a curious method of putting out an oil fire


Tavria 88%VideoJan 2007

Tavria 1988 ad

Soviet car, frugal on fuel

86%VideoJul 2018

Watching for nuclear attack at the top of the world

(2:59) In the far north of Canada sit the DEW Line stations: "Distant Early Warning".


85%PictureSep 2008

Woodcutters marked 100 years of Lenin

In 1970, Siberian woodcutters celebrated Lenin's anniversary by cutting all the trees in a field leaving only those that formed the huge message - Lenin 100 Years. Check it out on
Google Maps

81%PictureMay 2006

Stalin's Moscow

Grand visions of a tyrant


78%VideoJan 2006

Nuclear explosion

Russians test massive bomb