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98%VideoMar 2014

Tony Benn's 10 min history lesson

(10:34) A man of genuine passion and intellect, British Labour politician Tony Benn gives a succinct history of how we got here.


98%VideoSep 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio addresses UN Climate Summit 2014

(3:59) Climate change is not hysteria, it's a fact. UN Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio addresses 120 world leaders gathered at the UN Climate Summit 2014 in New York City.


97%VideoApr 2013

New Zealand politician delivers powerful and funny gay marriage speech

(4:20) New Zealand politician Maurice Williamson tells it as it is, and leaves other Parliament members in stitches.


97%VideoFeb 2014

Dale Hansen celebrates our differences

(2:16) Amazing speech by sports presenter Dale Hansen after American football star Michael Sam came out as gay.


97%VideoMay 2014

A threat to American democracy

(22:12) The numbers tell the story. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on about skyrocketing income and wealth inequality.


97%VideoOct 2012

Brian Cox: We live in a society that is entirely based on science

(17:48) Professor Brian Cox attacks bad science and criticises the lack of funding for the critically important STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

97%VideoJun 2013

Irish politician calls Obama "hypocrite of the century"

(5:51) June 19, 2013: Irish politician Clare Daly slams President Obama and calls him a "war criminal" in a blistering speech in the Irish Parliament following the conclusion of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland.


97%VideoAug 2015

John Redwood at the Oxford Union: Socialism does NOT work

(11:14) Privilege is alive and well, socialism has failed.


97%VideoAug 2016

Post-Brexit Nigel Farage speech at Donald Trump rally

(7:39) Buoyed up by the Brexit result, Nigel Farage addresses Donald Trump's audience at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi.


96%VideoAug 2015

Bernie Sanders attacks Alan Greenspan (2003)

(6:07) In 2003, Bernie Sanders delivered a blistering attack on Alan Greenspan's claim that the US economy was improving.