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VideoNov 2019

Sacha Baron Cohen attacks social media giants

(24:43) Sacha Baron Cohen calls for a fundamental rethink of social media and how it spreads hate, conspiracies and lies.

VideoMar 2007

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches 4

Bush introduces new communication technology

VideoJul 2009

Cassetteboy cuts up Gordon Brown

Same old jokes, now in spectacular Jerk-O-Vision


VideoFeb 2008

Obama, Clinton, plagiarism and the silly season

At a debate in Texas, Hillary claims that Barack will ony deliver change that we can Xerox

VideoMar 2020

Rebel HQ | Joe Biden is not well

(5:50) As of today, March 22, Joe Biden has not been seen in public.


VideoMay 2006

Steve Bridges and President Bush WHCA speech

Double dosage of Dubya

VideoJul 2012

Obama: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that"

(0:53) President Obama's message on why taxes are necessary.


VideoApr 2007

A Few Good Men - Col. Jessup takes the stand

Can you handle the truth?

VideoAug 2007

Best best man speech

Shane and Tina get married


VideoSep 2007

Fox censor Sally Field at Emmys

Best drama actress winner silenced on Iraq