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94%VideoSep 2006

George W Bush - Strategic Thinker

New David Letterman segment


94%VideoSep 2011

Ricky Gervais owns the Emmys 2011

After his monologue at the opening of the Golden Globes 2011, Ricky Gervais appeared at the Emmys from a distance, edited so as to cause no offence


94%VideoSep 2010

Richard Dawkins' speech at Protest the Pope march (2010)

Aggressive secularist Richard Dawkins asks the question he imagined was circling the corridors of the Vatican - How are we going to distract them from... buggering boys?


94%VideoDec 2012

Three speeches in the wake of a school shooting

(3:36) History repeats itself. Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama address the nation in the wake of a school shooting.


94%VideoAug 2012

Gary Johnson's speech at Paul Fest 2012

(13:36) Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, is the Libertarian Party nominee for US President in the 2012 election in November.


94%VideoOct 2012

Obama: "The real Mitt Romney didn't show up to debate"

(3:43) The day after, President Obama tells his followers what actually happened at the debate the night before.


94%VideoDec 2015

Tony Benn vs Hilary Benn on whether to go to war

(4:18) Father and son, Tony and Hilary Benn have given two of the most impassioned speeches on the issue of military action abroad.

93%VideoNov 2008

Obama elected President - Acceptance speech

Barack Obama, first black President of The United States Of America - Yes we can!


93%VideoJan 2014

British soldier slams fighting for "Queen and Country"

(8:37) Former SAS soldier Benjamin Griffin refused to return to Iraq after questioning the concept of "Queen and Country" and the religion of patriotism.


93%VideoJun 2014

President Obama - The Republican's moon made of cheese

(3:40) Speaking at UC Irvin, Obama slammed Republican members of congress who deny climate change.