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PictureSep 2008

Accurate pie chart

For once, a statistic you can trust


VideoNov 2009

The Scientific Method - How triple blinding works

The vigourous process of double blind clinical trials, and how they are designed to avoid being influenced by accidental or intentional biases


VideoApr 2020

Angela Merkel uses her science background in coronavirus explainer



PictureJan 2010

What's changed this decade (1999-2010)


AnimationMar 2017

If the world were 100 people

(2:27) How society would look if the world population was only 100.

VideoMar 2015

Evolution of US girl names (1880 - 2013)


AnimationMar 2010

Meet Google, the hungry beast

Google, the noun that became a verb. The world's favourite search engine, with the motto'don't be evil' has a finger in every pie. Are you bothered?


VideoOct 2010

Census of Marine Life

Breathe in. Healthy oceans are essential to our well being, whoever you are, wherever you live. Results of the first Census of Marine Life reveal how deep the holes in our knowledge really are.

PictureFeb 2010

The State of the Internet 2009

Interesting statistics about the Internet with data from 2009


VideoOct 2007

A Vision of Students Today

Surprising or expected? Students survey themselves - how they learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, future. Created by Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University.