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VideoDec 2019

VisualPolitik | Boris Johnson's not so secret post-Brexit plan

(14:38) Can Boris Johnson turn UK into a Singapore on Thames?

VideoNov 2020

Pindex | Stephen Fry | The 5 trillion dollar climate change lie

(15:57) The hidden reason the world has failed to reduce carbon emissions.

VideoApr 2016

David Mitchell nails tax avoidance

(3:28) British comedian David Mitchell's take on tax avoidance.


VideoDec 2017

TYT - Trump's tax plan explained

(7:43) Donald Trump's tax plan is very different from the one he campaigned on.

VideoAug 2020

The Rational National | CNBC hosts tackle Bernie's billionaire tax

(11:30) CNBC hosts Becky Quick, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Scott Wapner struggle to form an argument against Bernie Sanders' proposal to tax billionaire gains during the pandemic.

VideoAug 2012

David Mitchell - Lucky old Germans

(0:45) Comedian David Mitchell gives some good news about the Germans, for once.


VideoOct 2020

NowThis | CNN's Poppy Harlow shuts down White House spokesperson

(5:16) "Please stop doing that or this interview will end."

SoundJan 2010

Billy Bragg sets up Facebook campaign against RBS bonuses

Singer and activist Billy Bragg speaks to Paddy O'Connell on Radio 2 about withholding his tax to protest the bonuses paid at state owned Royal Bank of Scotland. Heather McGregor weighs in to defend the bankers. If you want to threaten to withdraw your income tax, find out how here.


VideoMay 2013

Hollywood stars shocked at Singapore car prices

(3:36) Stars from 'Fast and Furious 6' Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodrigeuz and Gina Carano, guess car prices in Singapore.


Oct 2015

The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is ...

The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is the thickness of a prison wall. Denis Healey, British Labour politician (1917 - 2015).