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96%VideoJan 2014

Dutch Marines storm cargo ship

(3:39) May 2010: Dutch Marines board a hijacked German cargo ship off the coast of Somalia.


96%VideoAug 2014

Ultra-low level Typhoon through the Mach Loop

(4:59) Filmed from the backseat of an RAF Typhoon flown by 2013 display pilot Jamie Norris on an ultra-low level sortie through the Mach Loop and the Lake District.


96%VideoJul 2014

Young American Jew stands up for Palestine

(3:47) Israeli security forces soon show up to silence the protester.


96%VideoNov 2014

SNL - ISIS face the sharks of Shark Tank

(4:57) A pair of radical thinkers raise funds for their up-and-coming organisation, ISIS.

96%VideoMay 2015

The Fallen of World War 2

(18:15) Data-driven documentary about war and peace, specifically at the human cost of WW2 and compared with other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts.


96%VideoAug 2017

Switzerland is the safest place if WW3 ever begins


96%VideoMay 2018

Royal Marines Corps of Drums vs Top Secret Drum Corps

(8:56) Drum display performance at the 2017 Mountbatten Festival of Music.


96%VideoJun 2013

Australia's Chief of Army delivers a message regarding unacceptable behaviour

(3:07) Stern message from the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison of the Australian Army, following the announcement of police to investigate allegations of unacceptable behaviour towards female soldiers and officers.


95%VideoSep 2011

Kenyan fire drama

(1:49) Fighting fire with fire in Kiambu, Kenya.


95%VideoApr 2013

Michael Scheuer - Understanding Osama Bin Laden

(3:46) Former head of CIA bin-Laden unit Michael Scheuer talks about Osama bin Laden the man, and why Al-Qaeda was so successful under his leadership.