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94%AnimationSep 2016

Lorn - Anvil

(3:41) The year 2100.

94%VideoAug 2012

Heston of the Apes

(15:28) Video edited to only the moments when Charlton Heston speaks in the 1968 classic sci-fi movie, Planet of the Apes.


91%AnimationApr 2009

Swatbot Salvation

John Connor is the hedgehog in the post-apocalyptic future mashup

91%VideoFeb 2009

Bar fight rehearsal for sci-fi movie Serenity

Stunt woman Bridget Riley is no lady in this furious scene


91%VideoJan 2008

High Tech Noon

(4:05) Classic cowboy remake. Cyborg sheriff faces killer androids at High Noon.


91%VideoMar 2007

Kirk, Spock and expensive science fiction

Star Trek stars interviewed prior to NBC premiere 1966

90%VideoJun 2009

Captain EO (1986) - Full version of Coppola short (1 of 2)

Captain Eo (Michael Jackson) and his rugged crew set out on a mission to deliver a special gift to a wicked queen who lives on a dark, desolate world.


90%VideoOct 2014

The Great Martian War

(3:31) Made for the History Channel's 'The Great Martian War', a documentary that fuses sci-fi with facts on the 100th anniversary of WW1.


89%VideoMay 2006

Neo versus Robocop

Anderson mashes Cyborg in Dark Side clash

88%VideoApr 2009

Terminator Salvation, the trailer behind Swatbot Salvation

Science-fiction fantasy after a nuclear holocaust