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VideoMay 2006

Neo versus Robocop

Anderson mashes Cyborg in Dark Side clash

VideoDec 2007

Kitchen of the future 1999

Vision of the future that didn't materialise


VideoFeb 2009

Bar fight rehearsal for sci-fi movie Serenity

Stunt woman Bridget Riley is no lady in this furious scene


VideoFeb 2009

Coverage of the great drilling mission of Xantiar

Our Great Queen Ruler, Sub-Lord and Supercommander Dek Lazer in all their glory brought to you by the polymath space sexpert Adam Buxton. More:


AnimationApr 2009

Swatbot Salvation

John Connor is the hedgehog in the post-apocalyptic future mashup

VideoNov 2010

Forbidden Planet (1956) - Trailer

Supposedly a science fiction version of Shakespeare's The Tempest, Forbidden Planet was Leslie Nielsen's second feature.


FEATURED MSN VideoNov 2008

Kirill - Episode 5 - Food

You can't just magic up ingredients!


VideoJul 2007

The Matrix - Lobby shootout

Neo and Trinity take matters into their own hands

VideoDec 2007

Sir Arthur C. Clarke 90th birthday reflections

The past, the future, the universe and oil


FEATURED Paramount Pictures InteractiveMay 2008

Iron Man

Welcome to Stark Industries Research Lab for the final phase of the MkIII Project. There are four sections for you to complete.