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97%VideoApr 2009

Hiroshima atom bomb drop reconstruction

(9:31) To date the only attack with nuclear weapons in the history of warfare, killing as many as 140,000 people.


96%VideoOct 2013

Vsauce - Cruel Bombs

(8:24) Vsauce Michael discusses "cruel bombs", how Japanese Emporor Hirohito described the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in his surrender speech in 1945.

94%VideoOct 2012

What keeps nuclear weapons from proliferating?

(4:39) This is not about the politics, it's about the physics. Bill "Engineering Guy" Hammack explains how a nuclear bomb is biult.


94%AnimationNov 2013

Nuclear tests time-lapse map 1945 - 1998

(7:13) Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto's time-lapse map of the 2,053 nuclear tests that have taken place between 1945 and 1998.


94%VideoMar 2016

How dangerous is North Korea's nuclear threat?

(13:20) Interview with Victor Cha, President George W. Bush's top foreign policy advisor on North Korea.

94%VideoJun 2017

Can we stop a nuclear missile attack?

(9:53) How easy is it to defend against a nuclear missile attack?

93%VideoJul 2012

How to buy nukes on the black market

(8:49) Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti of VICE go shopping for dirty bombs on the Bulgarian black market. With worrying ease, they meet a real black market arms dealer.


93%VideoJan 2007

Dr Strangelove - Final sequence

We'll meet again, don't know when...

93%VideoJan 2016

Britain's very own hydrogen bomb (1957)

(3:09) Fascinating news clip from when it was Britain's turn to enjoy the status of a true nuclear power.


93%VideoMar 2018

Putin warns US with 6th generation hypersonic nuclear missiles

(4:33) Vladimir Putin says he's not bluffing in a pre-election address to the Russian people.