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87%VideoJul 2015

Veritasium - What does it take to launch a nuclear missile?

(7:41) Derek Muller visits a Titan underground missile silo in the Arizona Desert to see what it took to launch a nuclear missile.


87%VideoJul 2015

Ted Cruz debates Code Pink on Iran nuclear deal

(15:46) Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz speaking at a rally against the Iran nuclear deal, debates with Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, a women-led grassroots anti-war organisation.

87%VideoOct 2015

Nuclear smugglers seek Islamic State clients

(4:46) From the back streets of Eastern Europe, gangs with suspect Russian connections try to sell radioactive materials to Middle Eastern extremists.

87%VideoNov 2015

Nuclear missile gets rear ended



87%VideoJan 2016

How powerful are modern nuclear weapons?

(3:38) The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were indeed very powerful, but how do they compare with today's monsters?

87%AnimationMar 2016

Why should I care about nuclear weapons?

(3:14) Physicist Max Tegmark explains the threats from nuclear weapons.

87%VideoApr 2016

Obama: Terrorists will certainly use nuclear weapons if they can

(1:03) President Obama speaking at the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

87%VideoApr 2016

Defense Secretary Ash Carter explains how deterrence is changing

(10:44) The world is built on deterrence, and deterrence is changing.


87%AnimationSep 2016

How underground nuclear tests work

(1:25) North Korea has just detonated its fifth and biggest nuclear test.

87%VideoOct 2016

Who's on the trigger of a US nuclear strike?

(8:44) What happens if the US president ever gave the order to unleash nuclear weapons?