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94%VideoMay 2013

Computer simulation of Bangram air crash

(1:29) Two reconstructed angles of the crash created by object-tracking the original footage to create a flight path.

94%VideoSep 2011

Bomb disposal operator at work

(3:20) For the first time, the Ministry of Defence has allowed the work of specialist bomb disposal teams in Afghanistan to be shown in a new BBC 1 documentary, The Bomb Squad


93%VideoSep 2009

Burka Blue

(3:52) Afghanistan's 1st girl group perform on German television.


93%VideoAug 2011

One minute on the front line in Afghanistan

All in a day's work. US Marines return fire, somewhere deep in Afghanistan.


92%VideoDec 2009

Jimmy Carr's troop joke, funny or offensive?

(2:10) He made the gag at his live stand-up show at the Manchester Apollo (October 2009).


92%VideoJan 2010

Afghanistan in the eighties

(1:43) Life in Kabul less than 30 years ago. Not sure whether to smile or cry.


92%VideoSep 2014

Heroic rescue operation in Afghanistan

(1:43) After cleaning the inside of a water tank in Kandahar, Afghanistan, the man found he couldn't get out.

92%VideoFeb 2015

Shockwave arrives from huge explosion on the horizon

(0:15) View from a Hummer turret in Afghanistan.


92%VideoMar 2009

Camel carries a car up a hill

New twist to a car-avanserai from Afghanistan to Pakistan


91%VideoDec 2010

Chinook troop extraction, Afghanistan

Chinook helicopter pilot hangs his rear end on a hillside in a dangerous manoeuvre to extract US troops. A few clippings later and it could have gone so wrong.