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VideoSep 2007

Bush pronounces Mandela dead

All the good script writers have jumped ship

VideoJan 2006

Iraqi update

George Bush exit strategy

VideoMar 2020

Kyle Kulinski | US vet bashes Biden "my friends are dead because of you"

(9:23) Joe Biden came in for some heavy criticism for supporting the Iraq War.

VideoFeb 2005

Fighting the enemy with Eminem

Soundtrack to war

VideoMay 2005

Is This The Way To Armadillo?

Army spoof of Is This The Way To Amarillo?


VideoSep 2007

Close call in Iraq

US convoy narrowly escape roadside bomb


VideoMar 2007

Hersh on foreign policy

We should worry everyday about everything

VideoApr 2005

Desert dump

Soldiers play dirty


AnimationNov 2006

The Simpsons - Iraq war censorship

Sensitive line cut from episode


VideoJan 2007

Mortar attack on U.S. troops

Fly on the wall footage