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VideoNov 2013

Machine that completes one turn every 2.3 trillion years

(1:00) Arthur Ganson's mind-bending machine makes one turn every 2.3 trillion years.


VideoJan 2014

FaceRig demo

(2:37) Currently at an early stage in development, FaceRig lets anyone with a webcam digitally embody any character they want.


VideoOct 2011

How do they create an NMA news clip in less than 90 minutes?

From start to finish, Next Media Animation team produce an animated news clip in less than 90 minutes. This is how they do it.


VideoMar 2016

Georgia's Got Talent - Sounds of the Earth

(3:41) Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh gets a standing ovation from the judges on Georgia's Got Talent.


VideoSep 2020

AsapSCIENCE | The biggest lie about renewable energy

(13:14) The maths behind masks and why they are more effective than most people think.


PictureJul 2011

Russian sausage vs Chinese knife


VideoAug 2016

How guns became so popular in America

(6:13) How America's population became a well armed, lightly trained militia.


VideoApr 2014

Pendulum Marble Clock

(4:57) Home made, 100% mechanical rolling ball clock by Turnvater Janosch.

VideoSep 2010

A tale of two warring cities

Singapore Navy recruitment video by Saatchi & Saatchi. Their brief from the Republick of Singapore's Navy - create a campaign to drive the message that life is more interesting and challenging with a career in the Navy.


VideoOct 2020

Canadian rescue services locate missing child

(1:53) High tech rescue utilising thermal camera, laser and night vision goggles.