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VideoNov 2006

A bridge too low

Ship meets bridge in unfolding disaster


VideoFeb 2020

James O'Brien's reacts to Boris Johnson's project to build a bridge to Northern Ireland

(3:37) What is it with Boris Johnson and bridges.


PictureApr 2007

Chinese river crossing

Traveller takes suspension bridge too literally

VideoOct 2004

Plane twists under bridge

VideoMar 2015

John Oliver - Infrastructure

(21:13) America’s crumbling infrastructure is not a sexy problem, but it is a scary one.

VideoMay 2008

World's longest bridge, China

The 23 mile bridge across Hangzhou Bay will cut travel times by half between the cities of Shanghai and Ningbo. This beats another Chinese bridge, the 20 mile Donghai Bridge that links Shanghai to the Yangshan deep water port.


VideoJun 2010

The Goat Bridge

Spotted at a farm in Elkton, Maryland, USA


AnimationApr 2009

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge using Google Street View

Footage created by manually clicking through Street View for 15 minutes while recording it as a screencast and then speeding up the video. Music: Bach - Prelude to Cello Suite No. 3 in C major


VideoAug 2009

Ted Kennedy explains infamous Chappaquiddick incident

Was he driving drunk and did he cause Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in his overturned car? The water was only about 6 feet deep. Police diver John Farrar's testimony suggested that she survived for as long as two hours in the submerged automobile by breathing a pocket of trapped air. Did Kennedy spent the nine hours after the accident attempting to cover-up his involvement?


VideoApr 2015

Shocking civil engineering fail

(2:11) A stairway to heaven, literally? Brand new pedestrian bridge you have to see to believe.