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97%VideoSep 2011

WTC 7, the third building that collapsed seven hours later

9/11 conspiracy theories abound. In a 2008 poll of 17 countries, 15% of those surveyed believed the US government was responsible for the attacks, 7% believed Israel was and another 7% believed some other perpetrator, other than al Qaeda, was responsible (Source: Wikipedia). The collapse of WTC 7 is the most prominent of all the theories. This is the trailer for a documentary by architects and engineers for 9/11 truth. Next two videos debunk the conspiracy theories. What do you think?


95%VideoNov 2011

All.I.Can. teaser

(1:34) Trailer for visually stunning feature-length extreme skiing documentary All.I.Can. from Sherpa Cinema

95%VideoNov 2006

Don LaFontaine, the movie voice guy

For decades... trailers brought to life


94%VideoDec 2011

From the creators of Borat comes The Dictator

Coming to the birthplace of AIDS, Sacha Baron Cohen's new character, The Dictator


94%AnimationNov 2014

Rudolph/Predator trailer mashup

(2:19) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer finds himself the star of his own action film.

94%VideoFeb 2012

Chinese Zodiac - First trailer for new Jackie Chan movie

(1:09) This will be Jackie Chan's 101st film. The storyline is of a man who searches the world for items linked to major events in Chinese history.


93%VideoFeb 2012

The Young Turks - Documentary trailer

(2:59) In a yet-to-be titled documentary, filmmaker Andrew Napier captured an up close and personal account of Cenk Uygur and his team while filming behind the scenes at The Young Turks.


FEATURED New Line Cinema 93%VideoOct 2006

Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny'

Jack Black discovers busking genius


92%VideoDec 2006

Scary Mary

When the East wind blows, Mary pops in...


92%VideoJan 2012

What if 'Jaws' was a Disney movie?

(1:31) A heart-warming tale of a man, a shark, and their song.