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91%VideoDec 2007

Countdown to 2007, at the Taipei 101 building Taiwan

New Year's eve firework display extravaganza

91%VideoDec 2012

How to spin a camera around the CN Tower

(2:11) Tips and technique on how to produce a video like this.


91%AnimationJul 2013

The rise of Capitol Hill

(3:15) The development of Capitol Hill in Washington DC from 1793 to 2008, with soundtrack from Game of Thrones.


91%VideoOct 2014

Why Britain uses separate hot and cold taps

(2:58) Tom Scott explains how British plumbing led to the inconvenience of separate hot and cold water taps still being commonplace today.


90%AnimationJan 2008

Dubai skyscraper with rotating floors

Dynamic architecture of the future

90%VideoNov 2006

Bad day washing glass buildings

Window cleaning rig out of control


90%PictureJun 2005

Lego church

The building blocks of religion


90%VideoDec 2008

Video Projection Monumentale (2009)

Showcasing the potential of video mapping onto 3d objects such as buildings. Limited only by imagination.


90%VideoMay 2009

Wichita City Hall drive-thru (remix)

Marcus Johnson got so pissed off when a police officer told him to turn down the music in his car, that he decided to drive round City Hall causing $200,000 in damage while having fun


90%VideoJan 2008

World's Most Extreme Homes - The Sphere

Big ball in the square metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil