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95%VideoJun 2013

Chinese straddling bus design

(5:04) Cheaper than a subway, a bus that straddles the road will carry up to 1,200 passengers.


94%VideoAug 2010

Solar Roadways

(4:38) The road ahead, so brilliant and so obvious once you know. The Solar Roadways project is working to pave roads with smart solar panels you can drive on.


94%AnimationMar 2015

3D printed moon base concept

(4:48) Architects Foster + Partners' proposition to 3D-print an entire a lunar base.


94%VideoApr 2015

NASA's Modular Robotic Vehicle

(1:36) Developed at Johnson Space Center to show off technologies for driving on other planets, here on Earth, NASA's electric-powered MRV (Modular Robotic Vehicle) shows off some neat tricks - including sideways parking and spinning on the spot.

94%VideoJul 2017

Floating city for scientists

(1:15) French architect Jacques Rougerie has designed a 3,000-foot-long, manta-ray-shaped vessel capable of supporting 7,000 people.

93%VideoApr 2011

Home chores in 2050, according to industrial design students

It is estimated 74% of a global population of 10 billion will live in crowded urban environments by 2050. In 2008 it was about 50% of 6.7 billion. Space will be at a premium. Some ideas for future compact living from finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition.


92%VideoJun 2011

Airbus plans for a transparent plane

(2:02) Head of engineering at Airbus, Charlie Champion talks about their vision for a flying machine that could be a reality forty years from now.


92%VideoApr 2012

Vacuum tube travel, the future of travel

(2:27) The next stage before teleportation. Vacuum tube travel is faster, safer, uses less energy and, believe it or not, cheaper than high-speed rail or motorways.


91%VideoMar 2013

Lambo limo

(1:35) Probably the only limo you'd rather drive than be driven in.


91%VideoFeb 2015

The London Underline

(3:49) Winner of 'Best Conceptual Project' at 2015 London Planning Awards. Concept by design agency Gensler for using London's unused spaces and surplus infrastructure.