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96%VideoFeb 2012

What and why do we have leap years

(7:00) 2012 is a leap year, meaning February has 29 days rather than 28.


95%VideoAug 2006

Powers of Ten

Relativity in the universe. Film by Charles and Ray Eames, ground-breaking 20th Century designers.


94%VideoAug 2013

Numberfile - Phone button layout

(7:42) Sarah Wiseman discusses why phone buttons are laid out the way they are.

94%VideoAug 2014

Numberphile - Beautiful maths card trick

(13:15) Standup mathematician Matt Parker shows his all-time favourite maths card trick, and explains how it works.

94%VideoJan 2017

Cuttlefish can count to five

(2:52) Research shows that cuttelfish have number sense, giving them the math prowess of a primate or infant human.


93%VideoApr 2011

It could just be coincidence

Coincidence or significant, that is the question. A poor understanding of probability leads many people to put forward supernatural explanations for events that are far more common than they think.


93%VideoJul 2016

Islam in numbers

(2:06) The second largest religion with 1.7 billion followers, this is Islam in numbers.


93%VideoMay 2007

One hundred

Film clips that count themselves


93%VideoOct 2015

Climate change - do the math!

(11:26) Fossil fuels cost us a lot more to keep than to abandon.


92%VideoFeb 2012

Grace Hopper puts a nanosecond into perspective

(2:07) American computer scientist and US Navy officer, Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (1906 - 1992) describes in human terms, what a nanosecond is.