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96%VideoJun 2014

Concave mirror at Exploratorium

(2:17) Tour guide at the Exploratorium in San Francisco demonstrates some fun properties of the concave mirror exhibit.

94%VideoFeb 2018

Skating across the sky


94%VideoJan 2017

At the edge of the solar storm

(3:52) The Aurora Borealis reflected in water is besutiful.

93%VideoJul 2013

Mirror City Timelapse

(4:30) Great American cities of Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in a kaleidoscopic timelapse treat.


89%VideoJun 2010

American Chopper tackle fractions

Paulie poses a simple question: What's the difference between six and seven eights and seven and a quarter?


88%VideoMar 2010

Richard Feynman - The old problem of the mirror

Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman amuses himself with an old puzzle - why do mirrors seem to switch left and right, but not top and bottom? From the BBC TV series 'Fun To Imagine' (1983)


88%VideoJan 2014


(2:58) Filmmakers Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante, and Julius Metoyer III play with our yearning for balance, and reveal how beautiful imperfect matches can be.

88%VideoOct 2015

Wes Anderson | Centered

(2:23) The symmetry of Wes Anderson exposed.

86%VideoApr 2011

Near perfect reflection

Perfectly still lake and bright sky produce surprising symmetry. But all is not perfect...


Orange Obox 86%VideoDec 2005


Symmetry on a train