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88%VideoNov 2016

Royal Navy's sinking ship simulator

(7:31) At HMS Excellent in Portsmouth sits Hazard, a Royal Navy Damage Repair Instructional Unit.

88%VideoOct 2012

Obama on the navy: "This is not a game of Battleship"

(1:04) During the third and final presidential debate, President Obama explained to Mitt Romney some of the differences between a modern navy and the equivalent 100 years ago.


88%VideoJan 2009

Navy destroyer hard to port

Rocking the boat


87%VideoJul 2009

French Navy on pirate patrol, off the coast of Somalia

Capturing pirates with force


87%VideoSep 2010

Japanese anti-submarine warfare&#65279; made simple

Japanese military show off their anti-submarine strategy to the public. Is this the Japanese being weird again, or a clever recruitment tactic by showing how much fun war can be?


87%VideoMay 2012

Australian submarine torpedo test

(0:40) Australian Collins class submarine HMAS Farncomb fired a torpedo at the 28-year-old former destroyer.


87%VideoApr 2013

US laser weapon takes down drone

(1:07) US Navy test a laser weapon mounted on a warship shooting down a drone.


87%VideoMay 2013

US Navy deploys HAARP SBX platform to North Korea

(6:27) Unsurprsingly, the US Navy has deployed its floating radar station HAARP SBX platform somewhere near North Korea.


87%VideoJan 2014

Domino soldiers at Thai military parade

(3:36) Royal Thai Navy's synchronised domino performance at the Armed Forces Day Parade in Bangkok, Thailand.


87%VideoJun 2014

USS Zumwalt stealth destroyer

(1:20) The future of naval warfare.