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VideoMay 2005


How not to light a bonfire


VideoAug 2005

Highway robbery

Clever con on the forecourt

PictureMay 2003

Kum & Go

VideoSep 2012

Conversation with an undercover police officer

(3:12) Pure class conversation with undercover police who were photographing peaceful demonstrators at a 'Shell to Sea' protest in Ireland.


VideoJan 2007

Beemer at the pump

Filling-up ordeal caught on CCTV

VideoJun 2020

Physics Girl | How to dip your hand into boiling hot oil and survive

(12:54) Are you brave enough to test the Leidenfrost Effect ith you bare hands?

AnimationJan 2012

A brief history of US intervention in Iran (1953 - present day)

(9:48) Considering that Iran is sabre-rattling over newly imposed sanctions, it is useful to have a basic overview of the history that has brought us to this moment.


VideoNov 2020

Economics Explained | Can Texas escape oil dependance?

(21:29) Texas is the second-largest state in the US to California, by landmass, population, and GDP. But can it catch up?

VideoNov 2012

Noam Chomsky: How climate change became a liberal hoax

(21:50) A danger to the survival of the species.


AnimationJul 2013

The Price of Gasoline

(5:07) What is the true cost of a gallon of gasoline? And who pays?