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94%VideoMar 2008

Landmark implosion - Demolition of a casino

High-rise hotel and casino closely surrounded by smaller buildings, drops on it's own footprint


94%VideoDec 2006

Failed building implosion

Pisa off Italian tourist board


94%VideoNov 2011

Decommissioning of Condit Dam, White Salmon River

Completed in 1913, Condit Dam is the largest dam to be removed in the United States. This time lapse is the first stage of the demolition.


94%VideoMar 2013

Old steel bridge over the Colorado River goes down in super slo-mo

(0:55) Last moments of the old steel bridge across the Colorado River in Marble Falls, Texas.


92%VideoJul 2007

Little Becky - the girl who hated school

Girl requests demolition of her school in radio phone-in


91%VideoJul 2008

New skyscraper demolition method by Kajima Corporation

They install giant hydraulic jacks on the first floor, break up all the building material on that floor, then lower the jacks and repeat the process. Music: 'Nights Interlude' - Nightmares on Wax


91%SoundAug 2006

Becky hates school

Schoolgirl negotiates demolition order


90%VideoMar 2009

Shipbreakers on Gadani Beach, Pakistan

Breaking up derelict ocean-going vessels for scrap about 50 kilometres northwest of Karachi


90%VideoMay 2010

How it should be done - Demolishing a massive cooling tower

May 24, 2010, the 450 foot-tall, 345 foot-wide Savannah River Sites K Cooling Tower was safely demolished into a footprint of dust not much larger than itself.


89%AnimationOct 2010

The Sequena Project, three years of destruct and construction

(3:22) Time lapse photography over three years showing the transformation from the EDF Tower to the Sequena Tower in Paris.