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SoundMar 2014

Louis CK reviews Gravity

(6:26) American comedian Louis CK takes a swipe at Oscar-winning space adventure 'Gravity'.

VideoJul 2008

Ali G interviews former astronaut Buzz Aldrin

The moon is real, but nobody lives there


VideoJul 2009

Infamous Buzz Aldrin punch

Apollo 11 astronaut and second man on the moon lands a sweet punch on someone who thinks the Moon landing was faked. Nominated by SnowMachine


VideoJan 2020

Space to Roam

(3:06) Alien landscapes here on Earth.

VideoOct 2007

Extreme G-force

High-G centrifuge training system


VideoFeb 2007

Astronaut's first steps

Carelessness in the heat of the moment

VideoSep 2008

China's first space walk

Chinese Shenzhou VII spacecraft blasted off into space for their third manned space mission in five years (2008)


VideoMar 2009

Obama phones ISS astronauts

US President and middle school students call up the International Space Station to find out what they eat and some other stuff


VideoApr 2009

Tour of International Space Station crew quarters

Mike Fincke the expedition 18 commander gives a brief tour of his quarters

PictureJun 2010

Another World Cup match