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VideoMar 2020

Astrum | How do we know it rains iron on WASP-76b?

(5:52) There is an exoplanet where it rains iron, but it is 690 light years away. So how could we possibly know that?

PictureMar 2006

Pretty planet

The greatest show on earth


VideoAug 2005

Mars exploration

Confounded by Martians

VideoMay 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Joe Rogan debate the moon landing

(35:31) Did we put a man on the moon in 1969?


AnimationJan 2008

Planets shown in scale and size to each other

Beginning with Mercury, going beyond the Sun to distant W Cephei


AnimationDec 2007

Secrets of the universe

Journey to the rim of existence, as we know it


VideoAug 2012

Curiosity's first full resolution descent to Mars - Amazing!

(0:50) Full-resolution version of the NASA Curiosity rover descent to Mars, taken by the MARDI descent imager. As of 20 August 2012, all but a dozen 1600x1200 frames have been uploaded from the rover, and those missing were interpolated using thumbnail data. The result was applied a heavy noise reduction, color balance, and sharpening for best visibility.

PictureMar 2004

Stunning pictures from Mars

Hubble shows us the red planet


VideoDec 2011

The promise of Kepler 22B

(6:17) On December 5, 2011, the Kepler science team confirmed the existence of the most Earth-like planet so far discovered, orbiting a star not dissimilar to our sun, a mere 600 light years away.


VideoAug 2010

Something big, something strange discovered on Saturn

Second largest planet in our solar system, Saturn holds a secret. A mysterious hexagon over its north pole, as yet unexplained.