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PictureSep 2011

Our Amazing Planet: Land/Sea infographic

Relative to the planet, our atmosphere and the Earth's crust are very thin. But on a human scale, it's a different story, as this amazing infographic by Karl Tate shows.


VideoDec 2012

The Overview Effect

(19:03) Life-changing stories from astronauts who saw Earth from afar - a perspective-altering experience often described as the Overview Effect.

VideoMar 2015

The science of solar eclipses

(3:47) How solar and lunar eclipses work.

Jun 2015

If you looked at the Earth from 65 million light years away...

Shower thought: If you looked at the Earth from 65 million light years away, you would see dinosaurs.


VideoDec 2014

Astronaut's eye view of NASA's Orion spacecraft re-entry

(10:24) Video recorded during NASA's Orion spacecraft return through Earth's atmosphere on its December 5th unmanned test flight.

VideoMay 2009

Never ending polar sun, one week in two minutes

Time lapse footage during summer when the sun is permanently above the horizon. Music: Avi Hochberg


VideoJan 2019

Paul Beckwith | Understanding atmospheric circulation patterns

(15:00) Climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains why atmospheric circulation patterns on Earth are as they are.


AnimationNov 2007

30 days of Earth Shots

A slideshow of winning photos from the contest


VideoApr 2008

Charlton Heston on 'saving our planet'

The epic actor reads this speech by the writers of Jurassic Park


VideoJun 2009

350, the most important number on the planet

Bill McKibben, co-founder and director of gives a lecture at the University of Sydney