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VideoJul 2016

One year on Earth, as seen from one million miles away

(2:46) First image of sunlit Earth captured by NASA satellite 1 million miles away.

AnimationNov 2007

30 days of Earth Shots

A slideshow of winning photos from the contest


VideoMar 2013

Aurora Borealis on 17 March 2013

(3:11) What happened on 17 March 2013 when an CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) hit Earth's magnetic field.


AnimationApr 2013

Why does Earth have deserts?

(2:20) It's all about hot air. MinuteEarth explains.


VideoFeb 2008

Iraqi TV debate - Is the Earth flat?

Iraqi 'researcher on astronomy' and a physicist discuss this important question


VideoSep 2014

Onboard the ISS looking down on Sicily, Italy

(3:40) ISS crew members Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio look look down as the International Space Station passes overhead.

AnimationNov 2007

100 days of Earth Shots

More photos from competition celebrating our planet

VideoFeb 2011

How far away is the moon?

If the Earth was the size of a basketball and the moon a tennis ball, how far apart would they be? Educational diagrams are practical and often ignore scale but can also distort your perception of reality.


AnimationMay 2017

How did you get here?

(5:55) Going way back in history to figure out how you got here.

VideoNov 2017

Search for earliest life

(5:36) Over 4 billion years ago, the Earth's crust was still cooling and the oceans were only beginning to form.