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VideoApr 2014

Roundup of the world's five coolest cinemas

(3:23) Check out different ways to watch a movie other than the local Odeon.

FEATURED Netcom VideoApr 2011

Verdens raskeste by - Taxi

4G - verdens raskeste mobile bredband


VideoOct 2015

Vantablack vs Red Laser

(0:10) A red laser beam passes across a Vantablack coated surface.


VideoJan 2020

Fury Road's philosophy, explained by George Carlin



VideoApr 2011

Dennis Hopper - The four rules of success

Cable-access guru Dr Luther Waxling (Dennis Hopper) spells out the four rules of success, as distilled from his many years of screw-up behaviour... and triumph. From David Salle's movie Search and Destroy (1995).


VideoJun 2012

Gotye cover - The Star Wars That I Used To Know

(5:07) Teddie Films parody of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know'.

VideoNov 2010

Defenestration: The Movie

Smashing stuff! Compilation of the most dynamic exits, with an occasional entrance. Spot the common denominator.


PictureJan 2010

Scarface snowman

Al Pacino piles up the coke. Created by B3ta member: enceladus. More at


VideoOct 2009

The Golden Age of Video (Ricardo Autobahn)

Lyrics from famous movie quotes

VideoNov 2009

Lego Matrix Trinity Help - Side by side comparison

Neo in plastic bricks