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VideoAug 2005

Mars exploration

Confounded by Martians

VideoAug 2012

Curiosity's first full resolution descent to Mars - Amazing!

(0:50) Full-resolution version of the NASA Curiosity rover descent to Mars, taken by the MARDI descent imager. As of 20 August 2012, all but a dozen 1600x1200 frames have been uploaded from the rover, and those missing were interpolated using thumbnail data. The result was applied a heavy noise reduction, color balance, and sharpening for best visibility.

PictureMar 2004

Stunning pictures from Mars

Hubble shows us the red planet


VideoJan 2007

David Bowie - Life on Mars?

To the girl with the mousey hair


VideoJun 2006

Flight into Mariner Valley

Exploring the red planet

VideoFeb 2004

Mars Rover collects rock sample


AnimationOct 2010

Day and night on Mars

No clouds, no life - a typical day in the Martian summer. Time lapse from the surface of Mars.


VideoSep 2015

NASA discovers liquid water on Mars

(5:01) September 28, 2014: NASA announces that there is occasionally flowing, liquid, salty water on the surface of Mars.

VideoOct 2016

Why should we go to Mars?

(3:09) Because we haven't done it before.

VideoNov 2018

What will NASA's InSight do on Mars?

(8:35) NASA'a InSight mission will land on Mars on November 26, 2018.