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94%VideoJul 2008

Ali G interviews former astronaut Buzz Aldrin

The moon is real, but nobody lives there


94%VideoMar 2008

Time lapse: The Milky Way

(0:57) Setting of the stars followed by the moonrise filmed in Chile.


94%VideoAug 2012

The realities of sending man to Mars

(1:59) Mars is not the moon only a bit further away. Canadian astronaut Julie Payette explains the realities of sending human beings to Mars.


94%VideoMay 2013

Full moon in New Zealand

(3:46) Real time video of the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington.


94%AnimationMar 2015

3D printed moon base concept

(4:48) Architects Foster + Partners' proposition to 3D-print an entire a lunar base.


94%VideoApr 2018

Tour of the Moon

(4:57) Virtual tour of the Moon created using data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.

94%VideoAug 2013

Brian Cox on faking the moon landings

(2:07) Flustered and not his usual articulate self, particle physicist Brian Cox has a problem with moon landing deniers.


94%AnimationSep 2013

Why does the moon look so big on the horizon?

(4:09) Scientists aren't sure, but there are plenty of intriguing theories.


94%VideoMar 2018

A new view of the moon

(3:18) The moon from a telescope on the streets of LA.

93%VideoOct 2013

What if the moon is the same distance as the ISS