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VideoNov 2007


All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer

VideoMar 2008

Space shuttle Endeavor STS-123 night launch

March 11, 2008 - Mission from Kennedy Space Center to the International Space Station carrying the first instalment of Japan's Kibo lab and Canada's Dextre robot


PictureFeb 2003

NASA secures new funding

VideoJul 2009

Why have they never returned to the Moon?

Aliens on the Moon scare NASA away. The full explanation is ahead. Nominated by AstroBoy


VideoJan 2011

Hubble finds most distant object ever seen in the universe

A compact galaxy 13.2 billion years light years away existing when the universe was only half a billion years old, has been spotted by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope


PictureMar 2008

Space shuttle Endeavour blasts off into the night

Lighting up the sky with a NASA firework


AnimationSep 2007

What it's like in space?

NASA astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman explains

VideoMar 2008

Shuttle and Boeing 747 mid-air separation test

The Enterprise, which has never been in space and has only been used in atmospheric testing is put through it's paces


VideoJun 2008

Space Shuttle launch (on-board view)

A camera is mounted on the top of the external fuel tank which records scenes between 13 seconds before SSME ignition and SRBs jettison

VideoOct 2008

Saturn V launch in super slow motion

Apollo missions 11 and 8 lift off