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95%VideoMay 2011

Space shuttle Endeavour's final launch, view from passing plane

(4:27) Taking his cue from the live Fox News broadcast of Endeavour's launch, a passenger onboard a passing JetBlue flight filmed the shuttle piercing through the clouds heading to heaven.


93%VideoJun 2011

Space shuttle Endeavour parked at the International Space Station

(10:04) Video shot by European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli from the Russian Soyuz spacecraft after it undocked from the ISS beginning its return journey to Earth. It's amazing to think this is real and not Hollywood.


90%PictureMar 2008

Space shuttle Endeavour blasts off into the night

Lighting up the sky with a NASA firework


90%VideoMar 2008

Shuttle and Boeing 747 mid-air separation test

The Enterprise, which has never been in space and has only been used in atmospheric testing is put through it's paces


90%VideoMar 2008

Space shuttle Endeavor STS-123 night launch

March 11, 2008 - Mission from Kennedy Space Center to the International Space Station carrying the first instalment of Japan's Kibo lab and Canada's Dextre robot


89%VideoFeb 2007

Soviet space shuttle Buran piggybacks Antonov AN225 Mriya

(4:58) The Buran spacecraft (Russian for "Snowstorm") was a Soviet orbital vehicle developed in response to the US Space Shuttle program, which in the 1980s raised considerable concerns among the Soviet military.

89%VideoOct 2012

Endeavour's journey through the streets of LA

(2:43) Space shuttle Endeavour's final resting place: California Science Center.


88%VideoFeb 2011

Space shuttle Discovery's last flight, viewed from a passing plane

Discovery successfully lifted off for its final mission into space, to deliver some critical supplies to the International Space Station


88%AnimationApr 2011

Space shuttle Discovery preparing for launch

Go for launch! Time-lapse video created from thousands of stills by photographers Scott Andrews, Stan Jirman and Philip Scott Andrews. Six weeks of painstaking work condensed into four minutes. More about how this time-lapse was created:

88%VideoMay 2013

Demonstrating the Space Shuttle's thermal tiles

(1:31) Tiles on the Space Shuttle protected it from the searing 1,650 °C (3,000 °F) heat during reentry.