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Jan 2020

There are more stars in the universe than...

There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth. There are more atoms in a single grain of sand than there are stars in the universe. Two thought-provoking facts.


InteractiveAug 2009

Star Race

Space racing game. Arrow keys to accelerate and move your space ship. Collect extras and dodge the turrets.


VideoDec 2008

The Barnum Effect - Is everyone a mass murderer?

The tendency for people to accept very general or vague characterisations of themselves.


AnimationOct 2010

Day and night on Mars

No clouds, no life - a typical day in the Martian summer. Time lapse from the surface of Mars.


AnimationSep 2020

Kurzgesagt | From the smallest to he largest stars in the universe


VideoJan 2011

Kathryn Aurora Gray, the youngest person to discover a supernova

10-year-old Canadian schoolgirl Kathryn Aurora Gray enters the world of science with her record-breaking find. According to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, she is the youngest person ever to discover a supernova. On average supernovae occur about once every 50 years in a galaxy the size of our own, the Milky Way.


AnimationFeb 2014

TED-Ed - What is the universe made of?

(4:05) The atoms around you, and the ones that you are made from, have existed for billions of years - mostly originating from the core of a star.

VideoNov 2013

13 facts about space that will make your head explode

(3:41) Cracked collection of head exploding facts about the stars in the universe, including our very own sun.


VideoDec 2013

How astronomers detect alien atmospheres

(3:22) Considering the enormous distances involved, how do astronomers determine the size, mass and make up of a planet orbiting a distant star?

VideoApr 2013

The Known Universe

(6:31) Stunning journey through the known universe as mapped through astronomical observations.