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VideoJun 2009

Slim plug for slim laptop users

Using the MacBook Pro as a starting point, designer Min Kyu Choi has designed a concept for a folding British-sized plug


VideoMay 2002

Electrical arc

A mighty spark


VideoJun 2007

Live electrical explosion

Short circuit causes transformers to blow


VideoJun 2009

TTXGP 2009, world's first electric motorcycle road race

Inaugural race at the famous 37.7miles course on the Isle of Man


VideoSep 2008

Twin Tesla coils play Mario Bros theme song

Sparking up a tune with a setup constructed by Steve Ward and Jeff Larson and no speakers involved


VideoDec 2008

The dangerous art of double pen spinning

Shocking realisation that the pen is deadlier than the sword


VideoDec 2005

Pole climbing bear

California Black Bear in for a shock

VideoApr 2002

Shocking joke

Is your best friend a wuss?


VideoMay 2009

Floating water bridge therapy

When exposed to a high-voltage electric field, water from two beakers climb out of the beakers and cross the empty space to meet, forming a water bridge which can be pulled apart to a distance of 25mm. Music: Blue Ale from the CD Just Blood by Eloah


VideoMay 2007

Discover a secret source of hidden electricity

A phone line, a little electrical jiggery and...