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95%VideoAug 2011

World's simplest motor

(0:20) Ingredients: Battery, wire and magnet

95%VideoMar 2008

German scientists link biogas, wind and solar

(7:26) The entire country could be powered by renewables.


94%AnimationJul 2012

Electric Vocabulary

(6:57) Where do the words around electricity (charge, positive, battery etc.) come from?

94%VideoJun 2014

Surprise in 115,000 volt substation

(0:36) "Doing some maintenance in a former electrical substation, I came across something unusual..."

94%VideoNov 2012

The Lords of Lightning - Tesla coils do battle

(7:21) Art dabbling in physics. The Lords of Lightning perform at the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


94%VideoDec 2013

How not to make an electric guitar

(3:15) Mehdi Sadaghdar shows you how not to make an electric guitar while demonstrating the hazards of electricity.

94%VideoDec 2013

Russian plays with electricity

(1:26) Connected to a car battery, a Russian guy uses himself as a conductor to light a flammable liquid.


93%VideoApr 2009

Young boar gets shock for misbehaving

Mating animals have an electrifying experience


93%VideoApr 2007

High voltage inspection

Bird on a wire in Faraday suit


93%VideoJan 2017

Homopolar motors

(1:52) Collection of homopolar motors, all created with the same ingredients - neodymium magnets, copper coils, AA batteries and aluminium foil.