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VideoJun 2007

Top Gear - car lightning

More people hit by lightning than crushed by reptiles

VideoNov 2007

Lightning Jack

Hound narrowly escapes becoming a hot dog


VideoApr 2008

Huge Manitoba tornado

F-4 tornado touched down 45km west of Winnipeg, in Elie and near Oakville Manitoba. (23/6/2007)


VideoAug 2008

Lightning in super slow motion - 1

Light spectacular above Alabama


VideoNov 2008

Lightning storm over Brisbane - Nov 2008

Night sky lights up as nature unleashes its anger


VideoJan 2011

Multiple tower upward lightning flash in super-slomo

Rapid City, South Dakota: Lighting captured at 9000 frames a second, fast enough to slow down time. A preceding downward positive ground flash triggers upward leaders from seven towers, three of which are visible in this video.


VideoJul 2010

Crawler lightning storm, Dangriga, Belize

Angry Caribbean sky races across the heavens. So beautiful yet so harsh.


AnimationMay 2010

Angry thundering storm passes over

Thunderstorm illuminated by lightning as it crosses the valley, such are the wonders of timelapse.

VideoJun 2010

Lightning hat-trick over Chicago

Three simultaneous strikes on Chicago's tallest buildings, slowed down for you to absorb


VideoAug 2014

Mother nature's dark side

(0:14) A beautiful rainbow captured in Blaiken, northern Sweden.