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94%VideoAug 2018

Football vs Storm Eleanor

(0:40) A man kicks a football out to sea, only for Storm Eleanor to send it right back.

94%VideoSep 2018

TYT | Trump warns Hurricane Florence will be tremendously wet


94%VideoSep 2018

Bill Maher | Florence and the Ratings Machine

(4:36) Bill Maher recaps top stories of the week, including Trump's feud with hurricanes and Paul Manafort's plea deal.

93%VideoMar 2012

Angry seas

(4:00) The awesome power of water when it rages.


93%VideoJun 2013

Supercell near Booker, Texas

(1:55) Physics at work over the plains of Texas. A beautiful rotating supercell forms near Booker.


93%VideoAug 2014

Pilots don't like turbulence

(1:11) What happens when thunderstorms strike one of the world's busiest airports, Atlanta-Hartsfield in the US.


93%VideoJun 2017


(3:22) Collection of supercell thunderstorm timelapses from Texas to North Dakota.

93%VideoMay 2010

Hail storm in Oklahoma City (May, 2010)

OMG. A swimming pool takes a battering from huge hail stones.


93%VideoApr 2011

Tuscaloosa tornado destruction as seen from the air

(8:49) Helicopter follows the route of the massive Tuscaloosa twister.


93%VideoMay 2011

Giant waterspout off Australia

Connecting sea to clouds, a waterspout doesn't actually suck up water. The main funnel is water droplets formed by condensation.